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Gas Hot Water Tank Installations in Victoria

If you want to install a gas hot water tank in Victoria, contact us. With over 30 years of experience, Bridgeman Plumbing & Heating Ltd. is here to provide the ideal heater to suit your requirements.

Direct Vent

Direct vent water heaters are typically used when conventional chimney venting or electrical sources nearby are not available. Comprised of a pipe within a pipe, these water heaters pull air from outside and vent out the hot gases created during combustion through the same outside vent via a separate pipe.

Atmospheric Vent

Used in most common water heaters, atmospheric vents use basic thermodynamic principles to work. Because warm air rises, hot gases caused by the combustion are pulled upwards and out through a metal flue by natural convection. To fuel the water heater, air around the base is pulled into the burner chamber by the convection flow. This simple system avoids the necessity for electric power to work, and does not require any moving parts in the water heater.

Power Vent

Eliminating the need for a chimney or vertical vent, power vent water heaters use a fan to exhaust the hot gases through a horizontal pipe. Because these heaters are not dependent on access to a chimney or vent, they can be installed virtually anywhere, making them a popular choice for people with limited space.

To get more details about which water heater is best suited for your home, contact us today.

Need a Reliable Hot Water Heater?

Put Bridgeman Plumbing & Heating Ltd.’s expertise to work for you; let us help you pick the best water heater for your family’s needs.

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