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Daikin Heat Pumps and Furnaces

When you are looking for the right heating system for your home or apartment, there are many factors that can determine the choice you make. Are you looking for a single zone, multi-zone, or whole house heater? Whatever you are looking for, Bridgeman Plumbing & Heating Ltd. carries Daikin brand ductless furnaces. If you have any questions or would like advice on what you should go with, give us a call to talk to our professional staff.

Single Zone
These are perfect for conditioning one or two rooms alone. Daikin offers a range of heating options to suit every home.

Multi Zone
Multi-zone heating and cooling systems, from Daikin, are able to provide comfort for up to eight separate rooms. There are a variety of options for multi zone units – call us today for help finding the right one today.

Whole House
If your heating needs cover an entire house, Daikin offers more robust systems that represent excellent investments. Contact us today to learn more about the systems we offer.

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