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High-Efficiency Gas Furnace Installations in Victoria and Lower Vancouver Island

British Columbia’s goal is to develop a greener economy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. There are many energy-efficient furnaces that will save you money and help protect our environment. Bridgeman Plumbing & Heating Ltd. uses cost-saving models from industry leaders like Rheem and Rinnai.

Bridgeman Plumbing has been providing real savings – money in your pocket – with high-efficiency furnace solutions in Victoria for over 33 years! Combined savings of great energy rebate grants and energy bill savings save you dollars. In fact, rebates are offered to switch from an oil to a gas furnace. Why switch to high efficiency? Because the average savings can be upwards of 75%. Real money and real value – the smart choice is to call us today. We’ll even help you complete the energy rebate paperwork! Call us to learn more about potential rebates.


At Bridgeman Plumbing we offer service and new installs of all types of furnaces from electric, to high efficiency gas and hydronic furnace systems.

Hydronic Furnace Heating Systems in Victoria 

Hydronic Furnaces or Hydronic Air handlers  systems are often described as hot water furnaces.  A Hydronic system uses hot water to heat your home.  The system can save money and increase comfort especially when setup as a combi Unit - (Combined Hydronic Air Handler system).  A Combi Unit uses a furnace / boiler in conjunction with a  high efficiency water heater  and a hydronic air handler.  When the heat is turned on, hot water is pumped from the water heater into coils inside the air handler.  The water then heats the air as the air is pushed past the coils, and ultimately into the duct system.  The benefit is the water heater is also producing hot water for household use such as  showers and laundry, etc. Combining your hot water needs with your heating in most cases results in less maintenance, lower energy bills and increased comfort.  

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