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Household plumbing systems fail for a variety of reasons. Pipes, the pipe joints and connectors, all wear over time.  Different types of piping and plumbing are made using different materials. One such piping material Poly B piping was popular in Greater Victoria between the late 1970's and mid 1990s.  Poly B was originally used as it was viewed as a cheaper and better plumbing pipe then copper which would save builders time on installation and cost.  Unfortunately Poly B piping has proven to be less durable then copper piping with a very short lifespan before major fails happen.


Poly B Piping has been known to break down in as little as ten years causing leaks in walls resulting in mold issues, and in extreme cases flooding.  


Poly B Piping that is not replaced or repaired can:

  • lead to increase in in home insurance premiums.

  • cancelled insurance.

  • difficulty in selling your home.

How to Identify Poly-B Pipes in Your Victoria Home

Chances are if your home was built between 1977 and 1995 your home would have some if not all poly-B pipes.  Poly B piping is flexible grey or black plastic piping. Repairs can be made however the best and surest solution is to remove the poly B piping and replace the piping.  We provide free estimates for repairing and replacing poly B piping in Greater Victoria.  

Need to Replace Poly B Piping?

Give us a call for a free estimate.

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